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Retrofit Evaluation

Retrofit Evaluation

Green Gnomes provides Retrofit Evaluation as part of a package of retrofit services under PAS 2035, or as a stand-alone service.

The retrofit evaluator collates the information provided by the client/installer and the occupants. By summarising the information, they can then formulate recommendations for any remedial actions required. The evaluation summary and recommendations will then be circulated to the client, coordinator, assessor, designer and installer.

Proper technical monitoring and evaluation of Retrofit projects is an essential component of the project, as this is where any performance gaps can be established and addressed, and valuable lessons can be learned to help shape further Retrofit project decisions moving forward.

With three levels of evaluation available to clients from basic, intermediate and advanced.

Basic Evaluation – The retrofit evaluator carries out a basic evaluation within three months of handover. This includes a measure specific questionnaire for house occupants, confirming if the proposed expected outcomes have been achieved and allowing them to raise any points of dissatisfaction or highlight unintended consequences of the work.

Intermediate Evaluation - Intermediate monitoring and evaluation will be required for projects in which the evidence from the basic evaluation indicates that the outcomes from the installed measure(s) are significantly different from those originally agreed and proposed.

Advanced Evaluation – This level of evaluation will be required if the intermediate evaluation indicates that further investigation is required to understand and resolve any discrepancy between the proposed performance and actual performance or explain any unintended consequence due to the measure that has been installed.

Intermediate and advanced evaluations may include a variety of assessments such as air tightness tests, fuel use metering and thermographic surveys.

Upon completion of an evaluation the Retrofit evaluator will make recommendations for any remedial actions and circulates these to all parties within the retrofit process.

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