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Retrofit Coordination

Retrofit Coordination including Trustmark Lodgement

Project managing all aspects of the retrofit process, we can offer bespoke services for our clients.

We can offer a 48-hour turnaround service from either pre and post install, provided all survey/install evidence is provided.

The coordinator oversees a project on a property from the initial assessment through to design and post install, ensuring the install is proficiently carried out. This involves assessing the evidence, evaluating the project to check it has met the initial design goals and communicating with the end user the homeowner/occupant.

We work closely with installers, local authorities, housing associations, landlords, letting agents and estate agents as well as the general public.

Our work varies from individual properties, to assisting on projects for clients via Energy Companies Obligation Funding (ECO), Local Authority Delivery Funding (LAD), Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF).

If you require our services for Retrofit Coordinator or other related service, please contact our Green Gnomes Team, either by email at or by Telephone 0330 0432132

Trustmark Lodgement

Upon completion of an installed energy efficiency measure the Retrofit Coordinator will assess that the install has been completed successfully and to the initial design plan. Once this has been checked and cleared the coordinator will lodge the energy measure that has been installed with Trustmark.

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