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EPC Assessments

EPC Survey

Our qualified City & Guilds Level 3 Domestic Energy Assessors provide EPC surveys for clients, carrying out a full EPC assessment to measure the energy efficiency of a property and provides it with a rating and SAP Score (Standard Assessment Procedure).

An EPC is required when either selling your property or if you are intending to rent the property.

An EPC is valid for 10 years so, if it has expired, you would be required to have a new EPC assessment produced if you intended to sell or rent.

When your domestic EPC assessor visits the property, they will look at a number of factors in order to determine the energy-efficiency of the property – and give it an ‘energy rating’. The assessor will need to have access to every part of the property to be able to carry out the assessment properly.

Some of the factors that they will look to include are:

  • The size of the property

  • What and how much insulation there is

  • The property construction type

  • The lighting which you have

  • The heating systems in the house and how they are controlled

  • The property’s ventilation

From this information they will then be able to rate the energy-efficiency of the property from A to G – with ‘A’ being the most efficient, and ‘G’ being the least.

If you require an EPC assessment on your property(s) or require any other related service, please contact our Green Gnomes Team to discuss, either by email at or by Telephone 0330 0432132

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