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Air Tightness Testing

Air Tightness Testing

Our qualified professionals at Green Gnomes provide air tightness testing for pre-built properties by way of pulse air tightness testing.

Under Pathway C of PAS 2035 it is a requirement to carry out air tightness tests on properties or projects to evaluate the air tightness of a property.

Air Tightness Testing is a method for measuring the amount of conditioned air that is inadvertently lost from the inside of a building because of unsealed gaps or cracks within the thermal envelope of the property. The Air Tightness Test can be viewed as a way of measuring how ‘draughty’ a property is.

By measuring at low pressure, the results are more closely representative of air leakage observed under ambient conditions. This assists with the retrofit process for the install design and the overall ventilation strategy prior to an install of energy saving measure.

Pulse Air Tightness Testing is a self-contained device able to test the whole building envelope including all doorways. It can also be used to test individual rooms.

Pulse is an approved air permeability testing methodology in England and Wales under the new Part L building regulations, in force from June 2022. It is also an approved method for testing air leakage and background ventilation rates under the PAS 2035 retrofit standard.

To discuss your Air Tightness testing project please call the Green Gnomes Team on 0330 0432132 or via email on

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