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Green Gnome

The Boss

100% Qualified


Grant is the gnome world’s pre-eminent eco warrior. Generating more carbon reduction through his ground-breaking mushroom recycling techniques

In the Gnome world he has navigated the world of ECO Funding and all its complexities and is now considered to be the highest authority in the Gnome Kingdom.

In his spare time Grant likes to travel the world by wind power and working towards a cure for male pattern baldness which is why he has managed to recruit Dave and Nick into the Green Gnomes Family.

Grants Gnome Factoids:

  • Six months on the international space station studying the impact of zero gravity on pointed hats.

  • Test Car Driver for Tesla but had to leave as he could not reach the accelerator pedal.

  • One of his career paths has been a private investigator for MI6 as Sherlock Gnomes

  • His favourite saying is Go Big or Go Gnome.

  • It’s a little Gnome fact that gnome poo releases zero carbon when burnt and as a result would replace coal, gas, and oil. If only the real world would believe in him and his Gnomies what a place the world would be.

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